Rubber Extrusions for Comdaco Rubber Manufacturing Services in Kansas City Missouri

Rubber Extrusions

Comdaco is capable of manufacturing custom rubber extrusions in a multitude of  rubber materials. The rubber extrusions service at Comdaco can serve a multitude of industries including: construction, electrical, and transportation. 


Comdaco has the capability to extrude many shapes including: U channels, P strips, solid & hollow D profiles and custom shapes. We can utilize many materials including both dense and sponge materials. We work with a wide variety of natural and synthetic products. This includes: flame-retardant, food-safe & high-temperature compounds to meet your specifications. Commonly extruded materials include silicone, nitrile, EDPM, SBR, Neoprene and more.


Comdaco has state of the art machinery to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Contact us with your profile specifications and dimensions.

What We Do!

Comdaco offers over 55 years of experience in many manufacturing disciplines.